Monday, September 10, 2007

Paris Hilton Video

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Paris started her new life of "charity" work by buying herself a new $5.5 million home in Beverly Hills. How generous of you Paris. You are quickly proving to the world that you are still the same old useless, selfish, cold-hearted, self-centered tramp. My only comfort is that people care less and less about you everyday. I await the day that you and your Daddy's money just fade away and we never hear from you again.

Paris Hilton is not human; she is an opposum wearing makeup. LMAO. She has no talent, and if her daddy wasn't rich, she would just be another scrawny skank desperate for attention. Correction....another OPPOSUM looking for attention.

Yeah!!! They look in different direction! Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

I'm looking for the song ;o) luv it! does anybody know???

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